"Cold Snap" Mini Review

Bryan Fuller, if you're reading this (and there is a slight chance that you are since I follow you on Twitter), you are my hero.

I don't mean my hero like the firefighter who saves an orphanage full of children, or like the statesman who solves the Jerusalem question for the Palestinians and Israelis. I mean a real hero. Like Batman, or Wolverine, or the guy who comes in to a show that's been stumbling and pulls it back together in just a couple of weeks. That kind of hero.

"Cold Snap" is not the best episode of "Heroes" ever. That honor still goes to "Company Man" from Season 1 (also written by Bryan Fuller). But it is the best episode of this Volume and probably (almost definitely) the best episode of this season. My (spoilery) thoughts can be found below.

***Here there be Spoilers***

I knew that Rebel was Micah. You knew that Rebel was Micah. Everyone who's ever watched this show (and several people who never have) knew that Rebel was Micah. Still good to see him though. Like Walt from "Lost", the young actor has sprouted a bit, and grown himself a man's voice. He also seems to have a much firmer grasp on his powers, and a burning desire to be at the front lines of this war against the Specials. All good things. Thanks for bringing him back.

Matt Parkman has a wife and baby! Who knew? I was certain that the writers didn't and yet, BOOM! Here they are. Good to see the actress again. Nothing like continuity to heal a show's wounds.

Angela Petrelli is the most consistently entertaining and interesting character on the show. I love her, and am so glad that she's still around. Please, please, please, give us more of her backstory soon (I hear that's coming).

No Claire, no problem. If the offscreen issues between Claire and Peter are real, I don't think it would be the worst thing in the world for her to disappear for a few seasons. That's the beauty of this show, we only focus on a few heroes, but "specials" are theoretically all over the world. We could lose focus on a few characters, meet new ones and then return to old favorites years later. There's no reason the original idea of this show (a sci-fi "Law and Order" like franchise) can't still exist...as long as Bryan Fuller stays on board. Bryan, you are not allowed to make that "Star Trek" series you are rumored to be interested in. The world has plenty of "Star Trek", we need more good "Heroes".

I'm sad to see Daphne go. Brea Grant is a great actress, and the character had an awesome power (that looked really cool when shown), but I do think she's really dead. There's just no reason or excuse to bring her back (other than the fact that Brea is awesome!

I don't think Tracy is dead. I'm sure we'll see Ali Larter again, but I'm pretty sure it will be as Tracy. By the way, the fact that we got to see full-on "Iceman" style ice-up on TV was INCREDIBLE. Loved it, hope it's a real evolution of her power and she's back slingin' snowballs in no time.

The show seems to have turned a bend. One that I hope we never see the other side of again. I also hope that the news outlets pick up the artistic revival of the show as voraciously as they heralded it's rating dropoff. It won't do us any good if the show is putting out excellent episodes, but no one is watching them. So, tell a friend how awesome "Heroes" is again...then send money to Bryan Fuller's house to get him to stay right where he is. Keep writing, Bryan. Please?