Today's Top Five: Things I Hate to Hear at Work

5. "We can't check in until 11p." - Yes, you can. You just don't want to, and you think I'm a pushover. I am not.

4. "I can only eat wheat bread." - I know you're eating healthy. Good for you. I eat wheat bread too, but here we have white. The grocery store is down the street.
3. "I really need a bigger room." - I need to give you this list of local hotels. Thank you.
2. "The air-conditioner is out." - You think maybe that's because you keep changing it from 45 to 95? 71 should be good enough for anybody, anytime.
1. "The toilets are overflowing." - Doesn't anyone know how to work a plunger? More importantly, doesn't anyone know not to flush the entire roll of toilet paper at once?