Stagnation, Limitation or Just Plain Laziness

I???ve been in a funk lately. Maybe it???s because work has changed (me working more and different hours). Maybe it???s because we???ve been holding on waiting for Richard and Allie to return (they have now). Whatever the reason, I???ve found it hard to write lately. I???ve lacked the energy and I haven???t made the time.

I???m going to do my best to change that.

In the interim, I???ve found two new obsessions that have allowed me to be creative in short bursts. I feel like I???ve used them well, but I have questioned whether I???ve been using them as a crutch to avoid lengthy expressions here.

One is Twitter. I signed up for the Social Networking site when I was locked out of my Facebook account a while back. Once that was rectified I mostly forgot about Twitter. But with its explosion in the news lately, I decided to take a second look. It???s vastly different than Facebook. While it???s central idea (the only idea really) is the updating of ???status??? by answering the question ???What are you doing right now????, is really the same as Facebook???s status updates, Facebook adds to that by creating a personal ???wall??? for you. You get Twitter ???Followers???, while Facebook makes you ???Friends???. I have just over 300 Facebook ???Friends??? and I know everyone of them in real life (although I never see most of them other than Fb). I have 57 Twitter ???Followers??? and I know about five of them in real life. Facebook is about keeping up with people, Twitter seems to be about meeting new people. It???s also a great way to share ideas, work etc. Most of the people I follow and that follow me are writers, designers, bloggers, artists etc. I???ve discovered some fantastic new blogs and gotten a whole new set of readers because of Twitter. As my ???Followers??? increase, that number of new readers is just going to increase as well. That???s an awesome thing, since in the end I want to be read and seen by as many people as possible. This is what I want to do for a living after all. But, I don???t know that 140 character bursts (the limit for a ???tweet??? or Twitter update) is the same as writing long form blogs.

The other outlet I???ve discovered in my recent malaise is Posterous. Posterous is similar to Tumble blogs that became popular a few years ago. Most tend to be short posts, sometimes just a headline and a picture, a quote or video. You can (and I have) posted lengthier blogs there, but it???s primarily for instantaneous posting and feedback. You can post to it by sending an email, and reply to comments in the same way. When Ella and I took Judah to the zoo a while back, I sent photos directly from my phone and was getting comments on them while we were still there. It???s a lot of fun, and an exciting new way for me to maintain a creative attitude throughout the week, but still not a replacement for this site.

I???ve tried to integrate both of these new occupations into my blog. The header of the main blog page has my latest Twitter posting and in the sidebar you can see the last few Posterous posts. I???ve also included links to my pages on Twitter, Posterous and Facebook so that any readers of one site can find me everywhere else.

My question to you, dear reader, is this: Am I expanding my output by including these new forms of social media? Or, am I just procrastinating from writing full length posts like this one? Is there a place for my short outbursts alongside these lengthier pieces or should I just strip down (electronically speaking) and focus on one effort?

Let me know what you think. I probably won???t give up either one of my new hobbies, but it???s nice to know whether my readers find it distracting, self-indulgent or interesting.