Overheard At Compact Disc's 30th B-Day Party

"What? You're afraid you're over the hill? Why, when I was your age, I was just catchin' my stride! Matter of fact, give me half a chance and I'll show that whipper-snapper MP3 a good time!" -- LP

"Well, if you ask me, CD should be ashamed. Coming out in public with fingerprints and smudges like that. Cover that old thing up, for goodness sake! Oh...hello, CD. Happy Birthday!" -- MiniDisc

"No, Mr. LP, I'm not interested in taking a little 'revolution' with you, thank you though. I'm not really into physical contact. Do you have an email address? Maybe you could just email me." -- MP3

"All I'm saying is, he's here by himself, I'm here by myself, maybe we get together and hit it off, who knows?" -- SACD about DVD-Audio

"Hey, baby. I just noticed that your apartment is right next to mine. How 'bout you come over and check out my shag carpet and lava lamp?" -- Eight Track to CD

"30's not the end of the road, right? I mean, I've still got Wal-Mart. It's not like they're giving my shelf-space to Blu-Ray! Hahaha, I hope they don't give my shelf-space to Blu-Ray!" -- CD