Irony, Thy Name is Facebook

So yesterday, I make a bold decisive statement (not that anyone but me cared) that I'm giving up MySpace and staking my sole online presence with Facebook (and my own personally hosted website). Today, as I'm cleaning up some old notes from a blog that is no longer in service, I'm kicked off my Facebook account altogether.

Didn't they get my love letter?

I'll tell you this, I'm no fair-weather friend. Just because I'm currently completely locked out of my account, doesn't mean that I'm gonna "flip the script" and call out Facebook as a has been. Oh, no. I'm convinced (possibly in error) that any moment now, the lovely (and benevolent) Facebook team will write me back telling me that it was all a big misunderstanding and they want me back just as much as I want back. Surely any moment now they'll let me know that Facebook just isn't the same without me and I can delete and repost as many notes as I care too (although, if they'd let me back in, I don't have to use the notes function at all, I promise)!

For now, I'm stuck out here in limbo. Unable to update my "status", or check the "status" of my friends. How will I know who's having lunch today? How can I get the humorous references to 80's cartoons contained within someone's report of their attitude this morning? What will I do without you, Facebook?

So, if any of you have any pull with the Facebook team (that lovable, handsome/beautiful, insanely genius Facebook team) then please plead my case. I'm probably gonna do a few things today and I need to be able to tell everyone I know that I'm doing them.