Too Hot to Live

Tuesdays are Daddy???s day with Judah. We have a sitter keep him on Monday???s and Ella is home the rest of the week, but Tuesdays it???s me and little man.

Yesterday started out as a great Tuesday. Judah had been in an excellent mood and was following his nap/feeding schedule really well. I had managed to get in 45 minutes with Wii Fit and even 30 with the new Dr. Mario (I gotta train so I can compete with Ella). I even had time to cook breakfast for lunch (my favorite) and post a blog about my new fitness regimen. Then it got hot.

Truthfully, it had already been hot, but that is normal this time of year in New Orleans (which I affectionately refer to as the Devil???s Armpit). Our air conditioner has been struggling to keep up in the middle of the day for the past couple of weeks, but I figured that was just because it had been so hot outside. Yesterday, it stopped even making a semblance of an effort around noon.

At lunchtime, Judah was napping, I was blogging and everything in my house was sweating. I checked the thermostat which just twenty minutes earlier had read 73 (comfortable in our house) and it now read 78. I thought perhaps it was a matter of the unit getting overburdened, so I turned it off and waited ten minutes. I flipped it back over to ???cool??? and waited for the sweet A/C to pour out. But it didn???t. In fact, the air that was oozing out of my vents was rather warm. In just a few minutes the temperature had risen from 78 all the way to 86. That was the point when I decided that clothes were probably optional for me and Judah.

Ten minutes later, Judah and I are both in our underwear, playing on the living room floor, waiting for a return phone call from our land-lord. I had finally given up on the A/C unit, opened all the screened windows in the house and gotten down close to the cool concrete floors. When I finally did hear back from the land-lord it became clear that we weren???t going to get any relief immediately. Her regular A/C guy was out of town, and no one could be reached on such short notice. She suggested we pick up a window unit and relocate to just one room. Somehow I thought that wouldn???t go over so well with me, Judah, Ella, Susie, Autre and Otis...well, Autre would probably like it, but the rest of us would be miserable. After a little brain-storming I decided we were getting out of Dodge. When Ella got home shortly after 6:30, I suggested a getaway. We would retreat to the comfy environs (and cool A/C) of a local hotel. She was all for it, Judah was down and ???Operation Ice Cube??? was underway.

Judah enjoyed his temporary digs (as is evidenced in the two photos) and I enjoyed not having to put deodorant on my nether-region. Ella enjoyed the gimongous bed more than anything, although the Applebee???s to go and the foot soaking at the pool weren???t bad either.

24 hours later, Judah and Ella are shopping (clever ruse to use someone else???s A/C), I???m blogging and everything in my house is still sweating. The good news is, that the man with the tools and the air conditioner parts is here trying to get me back up and running. He says (and I pray) that he can get it fixed this afternoon. Let???s hope so, because I love New Orleans, but without that sweet A/C, it???s just too hot to live.