Daddy's Week Off

As if it wasn???t painfully obvious by the gushing in my previous blogs or the boatload of pictures I???ve posted (and continue to post) here, I???m a little crazy about my new son. Watching a person (a person you had some part in creating, no less) grow and change is by far the most amazing thing I???ve ever experienced. This past week I got a good chunk of one on one daddy-time.

One of the great things (and there are many great things) about working for a faith-based organization, is that they understand (better than even you do sometimes) the importance of family. This means that unlike any other job, I needed no qualification or justification for asking for some time off to spend with my wife and brand new baby. In fact, as soon as I alerted my boss to Judah???s impending arrival, they began to ask me, ???How much time will you need? When do you think you might want to take it? Aren???t you going to stay home with Ella for a bit????

My point is, they???re good folks.

So, once we had ironed out the trips of Oma and Mamaw (that is, paternal and maternal grandmothers, respectively) I told my organization that I would want to be off while Ella was in the hospital (obviously) then I???d go back to work, but would like to take a full week to get the hang of everything after all the Grandmothers left town. They were glad to give me that time.

Having now lived through it, and headed back to work, I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my life.

Judah is a full time job, there is no doubt about it. Any of you that might be (like I was) harboring the deep-seated belief that raising kids would be easy if it was YOUR kid, give that idea up now. They do (surprisingly) not come with a manual. You do get a few leaflets from the hospital but those are mostly about breast-feeding (man, they promote that to death). As much help as your mom or mom-in-law might be, they eventually leave (and truthfully, they???re just guessing at what to do themselves. They???ve just been guessing for longer than you have). Sooner or later, (in our case two weeks later) you???ve got to do this whole ???parenting??? thing on your own.

The good news is, kids are a lot harder to break than they look. We???ve had Judah for a month (about two weeks of that time with no ???adult supervision???) and he???s still in one piece. According to the doctor (which we saw today) he???s as healthy as a horse...if a horse weighted 9lbs 4oz. and was shaped like a baby. He???s supposedly average in length, weight and head size. As Ella put it today, ???He???s average...but not mediocre.??? He???s definitely not mediocre. He???s extraordinary, and he???s now my second favorite person alive (Ella still trumps him, but he???s an awfully close second).

During my week at home, we made an excursion to see Ella???s doctor (mama is recovering nicely, and already looking good in her pre-preggers clothes), played our first game of peek-a-boo (it was mostly just me playing, I think Judah thinks I???m insane), visited Ella???s office (Judah slept through the entire visit), and started reading ???The Hobbit??? (we read him some baby books too, but since he can???t really understand the language yet, why not read something that entertains mom and dad). The week was wonderful, and is going to make it that much harder to see Judah head off to daycare in a few more weeks.

But even then, I think Judah and I will find some time to hang out in that recliner.