The Rogue is Dead, Long Live the Rogue


It???s amazing how quickly and dramatically things can change.

About six months ago, I was a DJ with a wife just out of college, planning a trip to Europe. Now, I???m the Assistant Manger of a housing operation for a non-profit working to rebuild New Orleans. Mrs. Awesome is the number one sales person for an upscale lighting gallery and we???re both about to be parents.

Due to all these amazing changes, I felt like it was time our space on the web reflected what we were becoming. We???re still the same people, just older versions. The whole site is being made on our new iMac (which is sweet) using Apple???s iWeb (which is also sweet). You???re going to find photos, videos and a blog from both of us (probably not one from Baby Awesome anytime soon, although you never know). If you have suggestions for ways to improve the site, please comment them or email me. This is our first shot at a full-blown website, so we can use all the input we can get.??