Irony, Thy Name is Amy Winehouse

Note to self: If you ever have a chart topping hit with a song about your unwillingness to go to rehab, do not put yourself in a position to need to go to rehab.

Poor Amy. Just this weekend I was trying to download the 30 second version of her hit song as my new ringtone and now I find that she's joined the Lindsey Lohan school of business management. Amy has high marks in Drug Use, Drunken Debauchery, and is a quick study with plenty of potential in Domestic Violence. Lindsey must be so proud.

The (the nastiest, and yet most deliciously wonderful celebrity website in existence) reports that Amy and her husband have checked themselves into the aforementioned (and completely un-rhymable) rehab after a particular bad couple of weeks. Check out the link for the full story, but the gist of it is that Amy and Hubby's shenanigans caught the attention of their respective parents and all hell broke loose when they came to check up on their darling young ones.

In all seriousness, Amy is an incredibly talented young woman and I'm hopeful that she truly has seen the error of her ways and is getting the help she needs. Maybe her next big hit can be called, "12 Steps".

Here's Amy in all her ironic glory: