Welcome Back!

This post is not (I promise) an ode to "Welcome Back, Cotter" the seminal 70's TV series that introduced America to John Travolta (or the dancer's Tom Cruise, as I like to refer to him).

This post is also not (I promise) a reversal of my position on Sanjaya (or the blind man's LaToya Jackson as I like to refer to him).

This post is (I think) a hardy "Hello again," to one of my earliest readers and oldest friends. She's been away (raising a girl-child, and earning them big bucks) and unable to keep up with everyone's favorite drunken blogger (that's me!). So everybody say it with me, "Welcome back, Ellie!"

Since the earliest days of the Drunken Rogue (when a juice cup was the beverage of choice), Ellie has been there. She rode shotgun in the wheelbarrow (while Poppa Rogue pushed us around), she was my co-writer on a brilliant stage play we wrote based on a fire-safety pamphlet (I was a creative genius even at eight), and a year ago when I started blogging, she was one of the first in line to check 'em out.

So in addition to a big "thank you" for her return, this is a great opportunity to suggest some great articles to catch up on. (This is the part that not only applies for Ellie, but anybody that isn't up to date with the Drunken Rogue).

The first thing Ellie (and all my beloved readers) should know is that the Drunken Rogue has a new home (not that I'm vacating this one). You can now check out a different side of the Drunken Rogue (with almost no reading whatsoever) at Exclamations of a Drunken Rogue. It's a new-fangled Tumble blog. It's a great way for me to pass along the things that really crack me up throughout the day (and my extensive Internet viewing) to all of you. Visit it, bookmark it, visit it again, and again, and again.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't remind people to check out Mrs. Rogue's new blog. Ella Finds and Shares, is a whole different world than my Ramblings, but it is just as (if not much more) cool. If you are into design, furniture, fashion, art, or just cool stuff, then Mrs. Rogue will find something that you definitely want to see. Don't forget to input your email at the top right for updates sent right to your email box. (The Preceding was a paid advertisement for "Ella Finds and Shares" the opinions expressed ARE the opinions of the Drunken Rogue and not following the suggestions presented therein, may result in negative consequences for the marriage of the Drunken Rogue. Nobody wants that).

Now for the real meat and potatoes (meat and potatoes here means blogging):

The Drunken Rogue's Favorite Recent Posts

1. I'm Turning Into My Father? Well, There are Worse Things I Could Be...

2. A Drunken Guide to Valentine's Day

3. She's Breathing My Air: Ode to My Baby Sister

4. One Final Bow

5. Just Shut Up and Sing: Fame, Speaking Your Mind and Responsibility

Whoo, sometimes I forget just how good I am (this sentence has absolutely no hubris in it). If you've missed any of this stuff, I strongly suggest it. For those of you that have been around lately, please feel free to suggest some of the recent stuff (last few months) that particularly tickled your funny bone.

Thanks to everybody for reading these things. I enjoy writing them, I enjoy getting your responses, I REALLY enjoy the conversations in the comments, and it means a lot that some people like hearing what I have to say. Thanks, and welcome back.