The Winter of My Discontent

This is the winter of my discontent.

I am not a sickly guy. Generally an entire calendar year can go by, and I suffer (at worst) two or three bouts of the sniffles, and the (very rare) stomach virus. But this winter, with its unnatural temperature swings and its seemingly endless precipitation, has laid me low. In the past two months I have had, at least two different stomach viruses, and three (count 'em) three separate head colds. I've lost about four days total off of work in this time and have contracted a serious case of the "I hate winter"'s.

My hetero-lifemate, Richard, once described winter as "the grey time". He said that winter (particularly southern snow-free winters) made him sad. He felt like he never got any work done during this "grey time" but just spent his days moping around, feeling introspective. I'm spending this year's "grey time" feeling sick.

**Massive Sidenote/Tangent** As I was typing the above paragraph I noticed that the word "grey" was showing up as misspelled. Pish-posh, I said to myself, I know how to spell the color "grey". But just to double check, I googled "the color grey". Guess what I found out? "Grey" is the original English spelling of the word. It is (and has been for several hundred years) the correct way to spell the color that lies somewhere between black and white. However, we Americans (along with a fondness for Fast Food, and large automobiles) like to be our own people, so we changed the spelling to "gray". In modern English, either spelling is acceptable, but "grey" is considered a little snooty. So "gray" is a color, but "grey" is a colour. Americans are so silly.**End Massive Sidenote/Tangent**

This whole thing really sucks, because generally I love Winter. It's when I get to wear all my sweaters, hoodies, cool coats etc. Christmas is in Winter and Christmas is "most wonderful time of the year" (they even wrote a song about it). As a lifelong resident of Louisiana, I have an almost unhealthy fascination with snow, and it only comes around in the Winter (and sometimes not even then around here). When I was in college, Winter Quarter had by far the most holidays which meant that the classes were never in session long enough to get boring, and occasionally (okay, so once during my five year tenure) you even got a snow day! My point is there is a lot to love about Winter. Just not THIS Winter.

So, what am going to do about my recent sickliness? Well, first and foremost I'm considering a relocation of the Drunken Rogue headquarters to a sunnier locale (I'm thinking Fiji). Second, after much insistence from my mother, the ladies at my office, and other people who are sure (as am I) that they know better than me, I'm going to start taking some vitamins. Also, I think I've decided to become a germaphobe, so look out, I might just Lysol you!

There is a sunny side to all of this recent sickness. I think I've actually lost some weight, although being sick for most of a month, you'd sort of expect that. The good news is that I do live in Louisiana and even in this crazy post-global warming world that we live in, Spring comes early here. Of course, Spring means pollen, which means hay fever. Oh, Lord.