Insanity Episode III: Revenge of the Who-Dats

The Drunken Rogue, fresh off his defeat of the LD is back with a complete look at the Conference Championship round of the NFL Playoffs. So, sit back, relax, and let's take a look at the who, what, where, and how of these colossal games.

What? There's still football left to play? Please tell me I won't have to watch any next week. Actually, you won't. They take a week off between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl (Feb. 4). So, this is like almost the last weekend of actual games you'll have to sit through. But then there's the pre-game coverage of the Super Bowl, and then the game itself, then post-game coverage, then post-season highlights, then the Pro-Bowl, then pre-draft coverage then the draft, then mini-camp coverage, then training camp coverage...well. You get the idea.

So, who's even still in it? Haven't like 28 teams been beaten already? Yes, as a matter of fact. The latest to get knocked out were the Baltimore Ravens, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks, and the San Diego Chargers. Happy offseason guys! The teams still in the hunt for the Super Bowl are the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots from the AFC and the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints from the NFC.

Haven't you been picking who would win these games? Were you right about any of them? I have indeed been picking the games. So far I am a respectable 4-4. This is harder than it looks. It's an art people.

So, who's playing this week? Against all odds (and Joel's picks) the Indianapolis Colts have managed to knock off two opponents and have fought their way to a matchup against their rivals the New England Patriots. The New Orleans Saints, just one year removed from the Hurricane Katrina disaster, have surprised everyone by making it to the Conference Championship game for the first time in franchise history. This Sunday they face the Chicago Bears.

Now, let's look at these games.

The New England Patriots vs. The Indianapolis Colts -- Peyton Manning has a monkey on his back. No, not his less talented brother Eli, the fact that he has a reputation for losing the big game. Especially when that game is against Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots. This is the first time in the history of the AFC that the Championship game has been played in a domed stadium (the RCA Dome in Indianapolis). That would seem to favor Indy, but then again the Patriots are undefeated in playoff games contested in a dome. I literally could use "rock, paper scissors" to pick this game, but I'm hoping for...Indianapolis Colts

The New Orleans Saints vs. The Chicago Bears -- The Bears have an amazing defense that swallows teams whole. They have the single best kick returner in the league who, just this year, broke the record for returns for touchdowns in a season (6). The game will be played on their field in Chicago. It will be cold, and possibly snowy. But, they also have the most wildly inconsistent Quarterback currently playing in the NFL. New Orleans will be out of their element, away from the city and state that is literally on fire with love for them. They will be thousands of miles from home in unfavorable conditions drastically different than what they are used to. The high tomorrow is 31 degrees. There is a significant chance of snow, with possible accumulation. I got news for you, it don't matter. These Saints are not your Daddy's Saints. Heck, they're not even last year's Saints, and tomorrow afternoon they get it done. New Orleans Saints

So there it is. It's been a wonderful football season so far, and I can't wait for the finish. Who-Dat?