Why Do You Build Me Up Buttercup: The Pull of Powerball

"What's the jackpot up to?"

"Sixty Million."

"Sixty? Nah, just the icee."

This is a conversation I have actually had with the clerk at my local convenience store. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, sixty million (or more correctly 30 some odd million after taxes) just wouldn't do it for me. Nope, that pot has to get over 100 million for me to pony up a dollar. That's why tonight, I'm in.

Yes, the odds of me winning the lottery (and especially the multi-state Powerball) are incredibly slim. In fact I'm more likely (seven times more likely in fact) to get killed on my way to and from the convenience store than winning the jackpot. That's depressing. So, what is it that brings literally millions of people every Wednesday and Saturday to the Quik-Stop counter?

I think people are buying a chance to dream, and for a buck a piece these dreams are pretty cheap. For an afternoon (or a couple of days, if you buy your ticket early) you and your friends get to plan the life you'd lead if you were the lucky winner. What would you do with millions and millions of dollars? It's an exciting question, maybe not exciting enough to chance that car accident on the way to the store, but exciting all the same.

The Rogue's Plan for Life as a Multi-Millionaire
**This is only for the millions I may or may not win in tonight's Powerball drawing. This is not what I plan to do with the forthcoming millions from my lucrative book, television and film deals.**

1. Build my compound -- I'm a family guy. More than that, I'm a friend guy. I need my loved ones around me. Ever since I was a kid, I've joked that when I strike it rich, I'll build a compound for my nearest and dearest. Our own little subdivision, where we can have our own spaces, but can spend as much time together as we want. With my newfound millions, I'll build it.

2. Pay off debt -- Not just mine, but most of my family and friends. I'm making no specific promises (so you've still got to be nice to me) but I think the best way to help people in the long run is to free them from their major debt. I'm talking about student loans, mortgages, credit card debt, car loans etc. If you take the load of these expenses off of people, the money they make at their jobs would be plenty for them, they could even start saving some.

3. Travel -- I'm going to Washington D.C., Seatlle, San Diego, New York City, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Dublin, Belfast, London, Rome, Athens, Istanbul, and Jerusalem. Not all at one time of course, but eventually. Also, Disneyworld. Booyah!

4. Make some investments -- You would think this goes without saying, but often people who win phenomenal amounts of money are so dumbfounded by the number of zeroes that they forget that it could (and probably will) eventually run out. I'm going to do my best to make sure that the winnings would last, not just for my lifetime but to help my children's children. It's often said that America helps make the richer richer, well I'm going to take advantage of that. I'd also make some investments, not for monetary gain but in people. I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of very talented people in my life. A lot of these people could do wonderful things with a little bit of funding. I'm going to try to provide some of that funding.

5. Donate boatloads -- I think if you don't give back, it'll be taken from you. So why not at least decide where it goes? I have some favorite charities that I know (or believe at least) would put my money to good use. If I won, those charities would get a big slice every year.

You see, I haven't even actually bought my ticket yet, and already I've had a great time dreaming about my life as a millionaire. You've gotten a blog out of it. Everybody's happy. Now, I'll just be really careful on my way to the store.