Merry Christmas to Me!

On March 3rd, 2006 I signed up for the original "Blogger" (which has just recently been replaced by the much cooler "Blogger"). I had heard so much about this new (well, it was new to me anyway) form of writing that allowed anyone to put their opinions out their in cyberspace. It was only a couple of days later that I created my MySpace page (only after discovering my buddy Richard had joined the MySpace masses).

I still love my Blogger page (especially the new redesign) but I have found myself focusing more and more on MySpace. Why is that? First and foremost, it's easier to promote myself there. My friends (and their friends) are already logging onto MySpace just about everyday, it is very simple to direct them over to my latest post. Also there is something about MySpace that truly does invoke the feeling of a personal "space" on the web. Blogger (as of now) does not give this same feeling (not that it is necessarily trying). Until I open, MySpace is the closest thing I have to a home on the net. Welcome to my house.

It's been just over nine months since I first logged on to MySpace. I logged on this afternoon and this is what my Blog stat tracker looked like:

Today Week Total
Posts 0 2 146
Comments 6 16 1210
Views 44 251 10004
Kudos 3 9 476

For the graph-challenged, that says that in my nine months of blogging I have written 146 blogs (not counting this one), those blogs have been read a total of 10,004 times (not counting the dozens of times I read my own, unfortunately I can't give myself stats). Those 146 blogs have received 1,210 comments and almost 500 kudos (tsk, tsk, you gotta kudo with your comment). I can't say thank you enough.

I never thought that I'd get this sort of response when I started blogging. My goal was to inspire myself to write more. I wanted a consistent deadline and some immediate feedback. I got that and much much more. To those of you that have been reading from the very beginning (Mom, Ella, Ellie, Nicholas) you started this as much as I did. It was you mentioning my blogs to friends and family that has given me such a large audience so quickly. Kudos to you. To the strong supporters that jumped in a little later (Deanne, Bro. Nick, Fox, Allison) you guys rock. Thanks for all the votes in what was a silly (but exciting) competition. To Jena, my beloved sister, thanks for always "forgetting" the kudos. You force me to reach extra hard for the funny, in hopes that I'll pry that praise right out of your clinched little hand.

Now, since it is the holiday season I thought I'd give you my wish list this Christmas (I promise this one has nothing to do with the Wii!

1. A new job. -- No, I'm not trying to run out on my current one, or even implying that I'm currently unhappy. Ella is approaching graduation, we are contemplating a move somewhere new, and I wish with all my might that I will find gainful employment. It would be great if someone would hire me to write (anybody looking for a writer?), but all I really require is a safe work environment, health benefits, and a fair salary. Santa are you listening?

2. A house with a dishwasher. -- For those of you that have visited the Rogue home, you know in a lot of ways it's awesome. Ella and I like so many things about our house, but the lack of modern conveniences as they relate to dish de-dirtification is completely unacceptable. The next one (in that mysterious somewhere new place) will hopefully remedy this problem.

3. Time with my family. -- I'm really excited about the upcoming Christmas weekend, and only partly because I'm gonna get some new stuff. I love giving and receiving presents but the real fun of the holidays is playing cards with your loved ones, watching football and basketball with my Dad and Aunt, going for coffee and beignets with D and Merrit, and sure the bonus Christmas cash from Gran and Gramps doesn't hurt my Christmas spirit!

4. Affordable plane tickets. -- Mrs. Rogue and I are taking this show on the road, as we've already told you. We're currently planning a trip to Europe in May to visit Richard and Allie and see all that old stuff that they keep in Europe. Here's a big holiday wish for cheap flights there and back. The cheaper the plane ride the more wine and cheese Mrs. Rogue can buy while we're there.

5. A book deal. -- Most of my other wishes are sort of touchy feely (or at least not really selfish) so I thought I'd throw in one just for me. Sometime in the next three to four months my first novel will be finished (the first draft, anyway). After a few edits, I'm gonna start pimping it out with a vengeance. It would be nice if this time next year, someone else was actually posting my Christmas wishes because I was too busy with a book signing or some such. What can I say I'm an optimist.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Wherever you are and wherever you spend the holidays I hope your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just plain Monday, is as merry as I intend to make mine.

Coming next week: From the Vaults of the Drunken Rogue: The Best of 2006 'cause if you haven't read it, it's new to you!