Blog! Hooh! Good, God Y'all! What is it Good For?

Absolutely nothing, according to some people.

Why do I blog? What is it that makes me pour out personal details and witty thoughts all over the incredibly public pages of the internet? What good comes of it? Aren't I putting myself at risk? Aren't I wasting my time?

I don't think so. I love blogging. It has been, for the last eight months or so, one of my favorite pursuits. Since March I've gained a couple hundred readers and met (cyber-wise) dozens of people I never would have otherwise. I've developed (not to perfection, but significantly) my "voice" as a writer. I've started a novel, worked on a screenplay, and spent a large number hours writing that I would have spent in front of the TV. Doesn't sound like a waste to me.

What about offending people? Hogwash! Yes, I just said "hogwash!" I don't say anything in my blogs about anyone that I wouldn't say to their face. That's sort of my philosophy for the way I treat people period. If I don't like someone, chances are very good that they know it. Life is FAR too short for any wasted time. I don't waste time on things I don't enjoy, and I don't waste time talking to, thinking about or faking interest in people I don't like. Besides, if I don't like them, it's likely that they don't like me, so why would they be reading my blog anyway? This "Don't write it, if you wouldn't say it" rule also applies for employers, family members, and Mrs. Rogue.

Speaking of the lovely little woman, doesn't Ella hate it when you mention her in your blogs? No, not really. She does hate showy and unnecessary displays of affection (whether online or in-life), so don't do those. She knows how I feel about her, I know how she feels about me and that's good enough for us. If I want to write something that I think she might mind me writing, I ask her about it first. She married a writer. I don't think she expected him to completely avoid using her personality or actions in his writings.

What about your family? Don't they mind being poked fun at? Again, these folks knew what they were getting into. I've been making good-hearted jokes at the expense of my mom, dad, sisters and brother for about 25 years now. Someday I hope to make a good living doing it, and I guarantee you none of my family will have a problem reaping the benefits of having a successful writer in the family. That said, I don't air out grievances online instead of talking to them directly. I don't try (indeed, I try not) to hurt people's feelings. Just like with Ella, if there's something I'd like to write about but think that it might bother a family member, I'll put that on the back burner until I've talked to them about it.

What about your job? Won't you get fired? Not from the companies I would want to work for. I'm not outrageous in the things I say about the workplace. I'm don't slander my supervisors or belittle my co-workers. I say funny things (generally true things) about my experience in an interesting industry. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody is getting fired.

Do I have delusions of grandeur? Well, that's up for debate. I do think I'm pretty freakin' funny, but I have quite a few people who'd back me up on that one. I also think I'll make it (eventually) as a writer. I know that I have to earn a paycheck until the royalty checks start rolling in, and I'm not planning on quitting my day job anytime soon. I'm just a guy that likes to spend (some of) his free time writing silly things to share with his friends (and fans). That is, the time he doesn't spend playing the Wii. So why do I do it? It makes me feel good. I've always been a glory hound, and this is one way I can get some praise and feel that it is actually deserved. I'm a creative guy, and this gives me an outlet.

Now, the question many of you might be asking is "Where the heck did this tirade come from?" Nowhere in particular. I did read an article the other day deriding bloggers and their "self-important air," that sort of ticked me off. I admit I felt led to defend myself, but then again, I'm not even sure I consider myself a blogger. I'm just an editorialist without a newspaper. Yeah, let's go with that one. That's gonna be hard to fit on a business card though.