This Blog Has Nothing to Do With the Impending Holiday

The title of this blog is a lie. It was my attempt at a clever joke. It was ill-conceived and executed and I'm already sorry for it. I apologize. The blog is quite good though, so please, continue.

I am ridiculously lucky. For a moment let's forget about the fact that there are literally millions of places all over the world I could have been born where I would be subjected to genocide, starvation, tribal warfare, oppression from the ruling party, lack of freedom because of a dictatorial regime etc. Let's just look at how fortunate I am as compared to some of my fellow countrymen.

My parents are still (somewhat) happily married after 26 years together. I have a sister who (while bothersome at times) is neither a drug abuser, nor likely to end up in an abusive relationship. I have an older brother who has chased his dreams and always encouraged me to do the same. My older sister is the definition of hilarious, and her three beautiful children are some of my favorite people in the world (the oldest one even has good taste in blogs). My parents have always made enough (if not boatloads) of money. I've never been hungry a single day in my life. I've had access to education, freedom of mobility (as well as the opportunity to travel). I've been in good health my entire life, and unless you count crazy, have no disabilities.

I'm very thankful for all of those things. I'm thankful for a lot, and since the only time I get a pass on sentimentality from Mrs. Rogue is during the holidays I'm letting it roll today. I'll do the sappy first, then go into the serious, and we'll wrap it up with the silly, might as well go out on a funny note. Here goes... I'm thankful for


Ella -- She is the best companion I could ever ask for. She's smart, funny, fun, and willing to let me be ridiculous (check the blog about my midnight search for the Nintendo Wii for details). More than anything else she helps me be a better me. This is different than making me a better man, Ella isn't out to change me, she just wants to clean me up and make me presentable.

My Family -- This includes the new additions over the last couple of years (Sara Claire, I'm looking in your direction). They are, in equal measure, incredible and infuriating. But they are mine. The knowledge that no matter what Ella and I do in life, we will always have a support system to fall back is a big reason why we both have such high hopes and expectations.

Belief in God -- Let's set aside for a minute the question of whether or not there is a God. I'm not trying to debate that with any of you. I believe in God, and it makes my life infinitely more livable. I couldn't (or at least can't imagine being able to) get through the day without the comforting and consoling hand of God. I've got the utmost respect for Atheists, 'cause I don't know how they get out of bed in the morning.


A Comfortable Job -- Most people work for living. I understand that babies don't exactly pull their weight, and there are those that can't (and many that won't) provide for themselves. There are also those that fate and luck have provided with the means necessary to sit on their haunches. For the rest of us, we have to do something in order to pay those ever present bills. I'm a DJ and I am more aware than most that there are a myriad of jobs I could have that would be more stressful, painful, and less financially rewarding...alright maybe not too many less financially rewarding but still. It's a good job. Ella and I are beginning to plan the next stages in our careers and while I look forward to things like benefits, I'm thankful for what I've got.

A Good Boss -- I've written about my first boss here at the radio station before, but I haven't given my new boss enough praise. He is always open for suggestions, as well as incredibly accommodating for scheduling problems. He adds to the laid-back, comfortable atmosphere at my office, instead of completely destroying it like my last boss did. I've had good, I've had bad. Good is significantly better.

24 Hour a Day Fast Food -- Nope, you didn't skip down to the silly section, although this one might seem silly to most of you. I'm incredibly thankful for the 24 hour a day culture we live in. As a kid with bizarre eating habits, I often found myself hungry on holidays. It's only in the last few years that even the big two, Christmas and Thanksgiving, find at least a few McDonald's or Burger King's open. I'm glad my families (birth and by marriage) are excellent cooks, but their food just isn't for me. So this holiday especially, I'm thankful for the Golden Arches.


DVD's -- I bought my first DVD in the fall of my second year in college. Since then I have amassed somewhere in the neighborhood of seven hundred. I wrote that number out instead of putting in numerals, because it doesn't look quite so atrocious that way. I've spent more on movies than most people do on their college educations. But that money is all going to good use, as sooner or later I'll take my place among the pop culture producers instead of just being a consumer. I wonder if they'll be tax deductible years after I've purchased them.

DVR -- I've always been a TV junkie, but without this wondrous invention I'd also be a shut-in. How could I leave the house when the latest episode of "Flavor of Love" is on? Our DVR has also enabled Mrs. Rogue and I to check out a few extra shows every week since skipping the commercials give us some extra time. When I really love a technology, it's apparent because I try to convert others to it. I've been a hardcore advocate for DVR, so you can imagine that it is right behind the invention of the FryDaddy in my Pantheon of Technology.

The Wii -- It wasn't easy to get one, and I had been anticipating its arrival for more than a year. Now the Wii is here, and it's even cooler than I had imagined. It rolls, techno-wizardry, nostalgia, and just plain fun, all up into a little ball and then slaps some "Apple-Like" style. It looks good in my entertainment center, and it's fun enough that I've actually skipped some TV shows this week. That's an endorsement if ever I've heard one.

Well, there it is, my "Thankful List." I hope you enjoy your turkey and stuffing (or hamburger and fries if you're a kindred spirit). I also hope you take a moment to think about what you are thankful for, the sappy, serious, and silly all included. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody, from the Drunken Rogue!