So, We Won a Couple, right?

Not really, no. The Conservatives got beaten last night. Beaten like a red-headed step child. The Democrats took 'em to the woodshed, and tanned their hide like a they were making a brand new Republican-skin belt. Ooh, shiny!

Now that we've gotten our Dan Ratherisms out of the way, let's look at exactly what did take place. The Democrats have basically flipped control of the House of Representatives. Before the election the GOP had a 15 vote majority, today the Democrats have almost exactly that. In the Senate there are 49 Republican seats, 48 Democratic seats, 2 Independent seats that will count as Democrat, and one still undecided. The Allan-Webb race in Virginia is so close that Virginia law pretty much mandates a recount, so that will take most of the month to actually resolve itself. Currently Webb (the Democrat) is leading, and it is unlikely that a recount will overturn that.

Let's assume that the final count will show Webb winning and becoming the 49th Democratic senator in this congress. That means that all the Senate committees and sub-committees will be chaired by Democrats. Nancy Pelosi is (very likely) our new Speaker of the House. The Democrats also took over a majority of governorships around the country. It wasn't a tsunami for the Dems, but it was an awfully big wave.

I'm a Republican (I know, it's shocking) but I'm also a realist. The GOP deserved to get trounced. They have made bad decision after bad decision concerning the war in Iraq. They have allowed discretionary spending to explode, without even a thought of fiscal responsibility (boy there's a sexy, exciting charge to lay on them), and they've allowed themselves to be mired in scandal after scandal. They sort of look like the Democrats that were kicked out on their keister in 1994. But, you know, with more white guys.

So, as a realistic conservative (you're thinking that's an oxymoron aren't you?), I think it will be good for us to be on the outside looking in for a couple of years. I also don't think we'll be out of power for that long. The Democrats didn't have any agenda when they were out of power, why would they come up with one now? They are going to flounder, and their "party diversity" that makes them so proud is going to showcase just how divided the party is. You can't govern when you can't agree.

But don't cry for me, Argentina. I'm not that beat up by the heavy losses this year. I'm looking forward to 2008 when I can put on my GOP colors with pride and celebrate the election of John McCain as President. That's a right-thinking Republican that could not only win but have some coattails to help re-elect a Republican House and Senate. Of course, by the time the 2008 election gets here, McCain might be too old to carry the weight of coattails, you know frail bones and all. Oh, well. At least I can complain about those idiots in power again!