The Drunken Roadshow

The Drunken Rogue has spread his wit and wisdom all across this great country. (The preceding sentence is true, if you count everything east of San Antonio, and South of Cincinnati, but not including any of New England or Florida as "all across this great country"). Now it's time to take this show on the road, or more precisely the plane.

Mrs. Rogue, for those that are not aware, is currently in the final year of her collegiate studies. She is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in French. While it's not required for the major, it would seem a little strange for some one with a degree in a foreign language to never visit a country that speaks that language (we went to Canada. But let's face it, Canada's not a real country). Combine her love for all things French (except, you know, the America hating) with the fact that her graduation is approaching swiftly, and it seemed to be a fantastic time to take the leap across the pond.

My best friend, Richard, and his wife, Allie, are currently living in Germany, land of finely engineered automobiles, stout beer, and self-hatred over a history of genocide. I hear the beer gardens are glorious. We'll be flying into Nuremberg (hopefully not to be tried for War crimes) and then traveling with the Richard/Allie combo to (at least) Rome, France and Ireland. We're currently looking at fourteen days total for the trip, with a couple days at each destination.

The real question is how we are going to pay for this excursion. Well, first and foremost Ella's peeps (and mine) are going to be giving her some money for graduation. Money she has worked hard for over the last couple of years. We'll be using that cash, as well as what we can manage to save over the next few months. I'll also be scheduling some personal appearances throughout the continent so it'll be at least partially a work trip (I'm huge in Europe. Huge).

So, this May (roughly) Ella and I will be bundled up ('cause it's cold there in May) traversing the Old World (I wonder if anybody still calls it that). I don't have a laptop, but I am handy with a notebook and pen so you can look forward to the Rogue's impression of those foreigners and their crazy customs. A major point of focus will be beer gardens. In fact, I may write about nothing but beer gardens for the next six months in preparation.

What about you? Do you have any big trips planned for the next year? Cincinnati does not count. If you are planning a trip, where are you going? If you don't have one currently on the agenda, where do you wish you were going? I bet it's Europe.