The Arrows in My Quiver...

I'm a writer. Or at least I play one on the internet. A writer has many tools (the internet, the thesaurus, the dictionary, the copy/paste shortcut etc) but his main tool is words. I love words. I love playing with them or arranging them in humorous and pleasing ways. I love alliteration, onomatopoeia, and hyperbole. I roll around in words, I can't seem to get enough of them. So I thought, I'd write a blog all about some of my favorites (see, I told you I could be on Sesame Street).

Words I Love --
rotund - big, round, fat, fun word
loquacious - talkative, the first "big word" I learned
meander - take "wander" and replace the "w" with a "me" I wander. That's nice.

quash - to dispel (as in rumors) or disperse (as in a rebellion) either way, majorly cool
rogue - defined as 1. a playfully mischievous person; scamp or 2. no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable; deviating, renegade. Hell, yeah

Words That Sound Dirty, but Aren't --
expectorate - alright so spit is a little dirty, but come on, I meant the other kind of dirty
quiver - one of the reasons I used it in the title of this blog
ream - as in a "ream of paper", duh

Words That Don't Sound Dirty, but Are --
intercourse - a word so non-threatening that the Amish named a town after it
relations - come on, it's other meaning is family members that's just wrong

pootnanny - I know this is slang, but I was about twenty years old before I realized this was THAT kind of slang. How can something that sounds so innocent, be so dirty?

Words That Make Me Giggle --
cringe - it sounds cowardly doesn't it
parabola - that's just far too many vowels
preamble - I just giggled when I typed it, I almost failed American History in elementary school because I laughed at this word
pootnanny - seriously, that's a funny word

Words That Make Me Vomit --
pus - how can three letters be so disgusting?
esophagus - there's something about all the guttural sounds in that one that just gets me
drainage - I've never talked about drainage when it was a pleasant thing

Why not let Mrs. Rogue in on the fun too?

Words Ella Hates --
salve - cream/gel that is rubbed on the skin to soothe/heal, this word literally makes Ella cringe lotion - sort of sensing a theme here, huh
moisture - now you people know why she married the guy that doesn't eat wet food

So, what are your favorite/least favorite words? What words do you try to find an excuse to use in a sentence, and what words do you avoid like the plague (oh that's a good word). Drop a comment below, and don't forget the freakin' kudos!