Birthday Hangover, or Damn that Birthday Cake!

One of the best birthdays on record, without a doubt. I tell you what, I'll give you the rundown.

Ella and I attempted to sleep late, but were awoken at 9am by my maternal grandmother (God bless her) on the phone. After receiving the early morning birthday wishes, and promising to see her that night at dinner, I said my goodbyes and tried to return to sleep. We couldn't but we laid in bed for a couple of more hours anyway. Once I finally got up, I cooked my favorite two things in world, biscuits and sausage. I know, I'm a simple man. They were fabulous, in case you were wondering.

Ella and I finished off the last few episodes of "Arrested Development" (the best show no one watched) and then I logged into MySpace to post my birthday blog. How fortunate for me, because as soon as I logged in, Pam, from "The Office" (her real name is Jenna) posted a new blog herself. Now Jenna is pretty funny and she occasionally drops tidbits about the show so I subscribe to her blog. I click on the latest one, and lo and behold she's giving stuff away in honor of the 3rd season premier. I lay claim to the first thing I think won't be taken (an "Office" t-shirt) and what do you know, I won it!

After claiming my "Office" goodies, Ella and I took a trip to Monroe, for a little shopping in advance of our family dinner. I was badly in need of some new jeans, as I don't currently own a single pair without holes in them. Now, I'm all for holey jeans, but occasional you need a nice pair. Ella also could use some new pants as she only has shorts, or capris (don't ask me how that happens to us). I found (at the Gap) a great pair of pants for $9.99 and not one, not two, but three of the greatest polo shirts ever (also for $9.99 a piece). We looked for something for Ella but to no avail. Long story short, we did eventually find Ella two pairs of pants at Abercrombie of all places (neither Ella nor I can stand the store, but the pants are sweet) these pants also were on sale for (you guessed it) $9.99. Seriously, birthday wishes do come true.

We had dinner with the family (Outback). Visited with my Aunt Ann (over drinks) and then caught a movie with Kyle Sweeney ("The Last Kiss" with Zach Braff). To top off the evening, we got to watch the season premier of "The Office." Contrary to what my sister-in-law says, the episode was awesome. I love how "The Office" uses a slow burn to bring the funny. They don't give you what you expect immediately, so that when they do it surprises you. Genius.

There was one last birthday surprise. Ella and I had already gone to bed, and Kyle Sweeney called me. I thought he just wanted to come over and watch "The Office" so I told him we were already in bed. He asked if he could come over and bring me my birthday present, and I said (surprised that he had gotten me one) sure. My present was a copy of "Twelfth Night," my favorite play that I've ever been in. He had cleaned it up from the MiniDV tape that it was on, and burned me a DVD. That's a freakin' birthday present.

So, thanks Kyle, Mom and Dad, Nana and Papaw, Aunt Ann, Jena, Ella, and B&T, thanks to everybody who sent me birthday wishes (there were a lot of you) and everyone who put up with my birthday blogs. Consider this the last one (although I reserve the right, to write blogs about aging). Now it's Sunday, and I've got Football to watch, so the Drunken Rogue (all twenty-five years of him) is out!