25 Years, 10 Days, 10 Goals

Well, thanks to everyone for the fantastic response to yesterday's post. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments about my goal of visiting New York again, and the events of 9/11. Thanks guys. I'm afraid today's goal is significantly less grandiose.

10. Purchase the Nintendo Wii. -- I've been a Nintendo fan since I was four years old. I've even wrote a blog about it (you'll have to scroll back a good ways to find that one). This Thursday Nintendo is set to reveal price and release date info on their new system, the Nintendo Wii. We know it'll be out sometime this fall but for now, that's all we know. Have no fear you'll get a full post with all the info and my reaction to it come Thursday. I just can't wait for this thing. I need to playing it right now, seriously. What can I say, Nintendo brings out the kid in me.

Only 10 Shopping days left until you should join, me and the fam, to celebrate my birthday!