25 Years, 12 Days, 12 Goals

Ah, Sunday. Football as far as the eye can see. And this Thursday I'll finally know how much the Nintendo Wii is going to cost me, and when I can hand over my money to that beloved Japanese company. Yay!

12. Win a Fantasy Football League. -- Sorry for those of you that aren't into the sport, or fantasy in general, but this is sort of a big one for me. This season marks the fourth year that I've played Fantasy Football. I've come close before (two second place finishes) but I've never been able to pull off the championship win. This is my year. I'm playing in a total of five leagues this season, and I've got great teams in all of them. I'm going to kick butt and take initials, 'cause I'm too busy to take names.

In 12 days, Joel turns 25. Feel free to send cash donations towards the purchase of that new Nintendo system, by emailing him for his address. 'Tis better to give than to receive.