25 Years, 14 Days, 14 Goals

You guys should all take the day off on September 21st, and spend that time re-reading your favorite posts from the Drunken Rogue. Just a thought, on how you could spend my birthday. Until my birthday, I'm posting one goal every day that I hope to achieve over my next 25 years. Some of them are small, mundane you might say. Others are pretty ambitious. I'm not sure where today's goal falls.

14. Be a part of a Political Campaign. -- In high school, and throughout most of college, I entertained the idea of entering politics myself. My mother still thinks I ought to be a speechwriter (like Sam Seaborn on "The West Wing", except less liberal). I have since realized that the work of holding public office (or more directly, the winning of public office) is not for me. I would however very much like to be involved in some capacity in a major (ie. statewide or nationwide) campaign. I hope my first chance will come with the 2008 Presidential election. I'm crazy about John McCain, and if he runs (like there is any chance he won't) I plan on being involved in whatever capacity he'll have me.

14 Shopping days until Joel's insurance goes down. So rush out and spend some money on him today!