25 Years, 15 Days, 15 Goals

Roughly 6 and a half hours until the 2006 NFL Season kicks off. Seven days away from the big event in Japan and the United States, showcasing the new Nintendo Wii. 14 days away from my birthday. September is a good month. To celebrate this wonderful month, I'm posting a goal every day that I hope to accomplish before my 50th birthday.

15. Buy Ella a Jeep Wrangler. -- An old one to be specific. She has always (or so I've been told, I haven't always known her) loved the old CJ's and longs to cruise around in one. I have no problem putting her in one, either. Except it makes a very poor everyday vehicle. So we really have to be able to afford three vehicles to afford the CJ but that shouldn't be a problem once the fat writing cash starts rolling in. So, look forward to me and Ella cruising in style, climbing rocks, running through mud, and rolling around town in our Jeep. Coming soon to a street near you.

Only 15 Shopping Days (counting today and the 21st) until my birthday. I'll be taking the day off, celebrating with family and friends in Fun-roe. If you'd like to join us, tough! No, just playin' if you want to come out, message me and I'll give you details.