25 Years, 17 Days, 17 Goals

17 days away from my point of entry, and I just found out I've got the day off from work! Yay, me!!! Here's today's goal.

17. Voice a cartoon character. -- I love animation, the limitless nature of the form. Animation gave us "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves," "Family Guy," "Heavy Metal," "The Flintstones," and about a million more. Live action (with the help of CG animation) is quickly becoming able to cover subjects previously only available to animators, but still it would be fun to be in a cartoon. You also put your stamp on a piece of pop culture. For instance, right now, you know you've made it if you have a cameo on the "Simpsons." That's my goal, for today anyway.

In 9 days, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan are holding press events (presumably) to discuss the launch details of their new console, Nintendo Wii. You should totally check out the news to better equip yourself to give me a great present in 17 days for my birthday (hint -- I want a Nintendo Wii, or money to buy one).