Karaoke, The Japanese Devil

What is it that compels us to sing in front of total strangers? Why do we feel the need to play the parts of our favorite rock stars? And why do bad singers continue to do it?

For the record, I love Karaoke. Since the very first time, I ever sang in front of a barroom full of inebriated music lovers, I've had the bug. It's fun, especially if you can actually sing. People are amazed when you step off the stage, "Hey that was awesome man." It's as if, after hearing five horrible singers in a row, they assume that no one is actually able to carry a tune. For someone like me, that loves praise, that adoration can get addictive.

But back to the bad singers. I have seen people sing Karaoke, that I assume don't even sing in the shower. Why would these un-musical people decide that here, in front of 100 of there nearest and dearest, is the place to get up and put on their boogie shoes? Is it the alcohol? I know that's the easy answer, but I think the root is deeper than that. Something brings these people to the bar, liquors them up, prepares them for the humiliation they are about to receive. That's because we all need to sing. It's in our souls. Some of us have worked very hard to suppress it. You don't sing in the shower, even though you are alone. You don't sing in your car, though your windows are rolled up, and no one would know. But there in the safety and sanctity of the Karaoke stage, with liquid courage running through your veins, you belt it out. In your head you have the range of Prince, and the smoothness of Barry White, and the crowd loves you! Listen to them laugh and cheer. See the smiles on their faces, you're making their day!

Here on the Karaoke stage, while Cowboy Bob, spins the CD's and maintains the volume levels, you are a star. And everybody wants to be a star!