25 Years, 20 Days, 20 Goals

On the 21st of this month (20 days from now) I will celebrate (hopefully along with my friends and family) my first quarter century as a human being. I'm very excited about this and in honor of it, I'm writing one goal every day until my birthday that I hope to achieve in my next 25 years. Do not fear for the loss of my regular posts as they will continue unabated.

20. Write an article for both the USA Today, and Entertainment Weekly. -- For the last two years I've received a subscription to the USA Today (thanks Randy, Tootie, and Dad). While it may not offer the most in depth look at world events, it's the overview that most Americans get when it comes to news (whether that be entertainment, politics, business, sports etc.). It is (in all likelihood) the most read paper in the world. While I don't think I want to be a newspaperman, I would love to be a guest writer, or special editorial. Likewise Entertainment Weekly is not even a magazine I like very much, but there is no better cornerstone of pop culture. If it's in the EW, it's big time. I'd like something like what Stephen King has now, a general article towards the back once a month or once a week, for movie reviews, or general blather. That would amazing. (This one's gonna take me a while).

You only have 20 shopping days to pick out the perfect present for your peculiar pal, Joel (I love alliteration!)