Pluto isn't a Planet? What's Next? Goofy isn't a Dog?

First I'd just like to say, this is (I'm pretty sure) my 100th blog. I write for my personal page, Apathy as Activism (a political blog), and Truth and Spectacle (a movie review blog) and if you add them all since March of this year, I've written 100 (counting this one). Impressive, I know. Bow before my superior time-wasting abilities! Now I was going to write about something...

Ah, yes! Pluto has been downgraded. I'm sure all of you have heard about it by now, but in case you haven't here's a link. The International Astronomical Union has downgraded the Pluto from Planet to "dwarf planet" (notice the lack of capitalization, as if Pluto required further ridicule). Astronomers had, for the past several years, acknowledged that Pluto's place among the Planet's was tenuous at best. But to the average Joe and Jane (or Jaque and Flicca, if your French) Pluto's demotion came as a surprise. It leaves this writer wondering what else might get the "Pluto" treatment?

1. The Indian Ocean -- Speaking geographically it is the smallest Ocean, couldn't cartographers just decide to call it the Indian Gulf? How does this affect maritime law? Would it become the new hangout for Pirates? If so, can I move there? So many questions.

2. NBC -- Let's face it, the last few years have not been kind the peacock. After "Seinfeld" and then "Friends" departed, they seemed to be able to do no right. Could the FCC decide that enough is enough and send the house that Carson built to cable? Technically no, since it's part of a huge corporation that will undoubtedly rise again, but come on we are talking about humor here! Think of it, instead of "ER" and the new Aaron Sorkin project, cable's NBC could have "The Badge" a dark gritty drama about a cop on the edge of the law that lives next to a wacky guy by the name of Kramer, and hangs out with his best friend George. Thrilling! Or how about their dramedy "Snip/Fold" chronicling the misadventures of two plastic surgeons.

3. MySpace -- Could the most visited internet portal, become just a lowly webpage? Not bloomin' likely! With 90 million members (probably over 100 now, that counter just seems to roll) MySpace is truly the best thing since sliced bread (and let's face it, it's hard to blog on sliced bread). Here's to a million more members (would any of you like to be my friend).

So not only has Pluto been downgraded to a lowly "dwarf planet" but it seems to be alone in the downgrading. How sad Pluto. But just ask Goofy how he felt when he found out the duck with the speech impediment was a bigger draw than him.