25 Years, 21 Days, 21 Goals

Ah, September. The month for the NFL, the debut of Fall TV, and the annual celebration of Joel! In honor of my first quarter century on Planet Earth (aren't we glad it didn't get downgraded), I am posting one goal, every day, that I hope to achieve in my next 25. As you've already read the title I imagine you realise this is not the first in this series. If you like to start from there, click here. Consider these posts lagniappe (that's something extra for you yankees).

21. Play in a high stakes Texas Hold 'Em tournament. -- I have, over the last five or six years, fallen madly in love with Poker. No Limit Texas Hold 'Em to be precise. I play as often as time (and money) allow me to. But I have never played for more than twenty dollars at a sitting (and that was only once). I am not what I would consider a gambling man. I know that sensible people do sensible things with their money (like buy nice televisions and hundreds of DVD's) but I would love to play in one of these tournaments with a couple of thousand dollar buy-ins. I am thinking that for this to work out, I'll have to be a fairly successful writer. But, you read my stuff, I'll be there in no time, right?

FYI 21 shopping days until my birthday. My favorite color is dark blue, just...you know...in case.