25 Years, 25 Days, 25 Goals

Alright, so I should have started this yesterday, but I'm lazy. I also have a stressful full-time job in radio, but mostly I'm lazy.

In exactly 24 days (that's why I should have started this yesterday) I will turn 25. I thought it appropriate to list one goal, every day that I hope to achieve in my next 25 years. These will be (I hope) short posts in addition to our regularly scheduled blogging. You guys are a fantastic audience, thank you for reading, commenting, subscribing, and not reporting me to the authorities (whichever of those is pertinent to you, please accept it). So without further ado, my first two goals (you know, because I should have started yesterday).

25. Be published -- This one is by far the easiest (and most obvious, I write or co-write three different blogs for goodness sake). In today's world I could self-publish a small run and sell it online with no overhead...wait a minute that's a good idea. Look forward to "Ramblings of a Drunken Rogue: The Novel" being hawked here before long. As I'm sure you all know by the frequency of these blogs, I love to write, and hope to do it for money very, very soon (who says an artist can't be materialistic?)

24. Attend the NBA All-star game -- I know I covered this one in a "Places I want to go before I die" blog, but deal with it. The All-Star game is scheduled in New Orleans next (2008). If Auntie Ann and I are not there with bells on, it will probably be because I have died in the interim. Seriously, I can thing of nothing that would keep me away.

See you tomorrow (throughout the month of September) with more...Incidentally only 24 shopping days until my birthday...I'm just sayin'.