25 Years, 23 Days, 23 Goals

In 23 days I'll turn 25. As I look back over the last quarter century, I thought it would be nice to lay out over the last 25 days of my 24 year 25 goals I hope to achieve in the next 25. These are short posts, in addition to my regular blogs. Today's goal:

23. Own a home -- My father has instilled in me, all my life, the belief that the only way to get ahead in life financially is to own a home (or become a very successful drug dealer, or Bob Barker). Ella and I both enjoy gardening and plants. You put those two things together and it sorts of begs for us to have our own house. This is really in impossibility (and unreasonable) right now. Ella is still in school, and we don't plan on being here very much longer. I imagine though that if (when) I get a writing job, it (the house buying) will be high on our list of priorities.

Incidentally, only 23 shopping days left until my birthday. I'm registered at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target (I'm kidding) (but those are great places to shop for me, if you are so inclined).