Good Times, Old Friends, Long Goodbyes, and General Sappiness

There is no single barometer for aging more efficient or evident than the comings and goings of old friends. The post-college experience (and most of you that read this are in that period of your life) is one of continual goodbyes. I have been blessed in the past few weeks to have reconnected (or at least touched base) with several old friends. That has only really served to remind me how much I miss them.

Before college even got started good for me, I was already saying goodbye to people. I guess that's the price you pay when most of your friends are older. If you've read "The Life and Times of the Drunken Rogue" you know my college years were populated by some of the most interesting (and frankly, strange) people imaginable. But one by one you say goodbye to those people. This past weekend, Ella and I had to do it again.

Erin, Ella's brother's girlfriend (is that confusing enough for you), has finished up her college career and is embarking on her real one, in Dallas. Now, it's a great job and we couldn't be prouder for her, but couldn't she have waited a few more months until we were leaving too?

On the flip side of that, two weeks ago, I got to spend several days with two friends I haven't seen in a while. Amanda, who flew in from Arizona, and Walker, who lives here, but we just haven't gotten together in a long time. The nicest thing about these quasi-reunions is that you're reminded why you were such good friends in the first place. Conversation is effortless, you don't have to be anyone other than yourself, you just enjoy your time with them.

I know that many of the rest of you are going through similar times. A couple of you have even blogged about it. The point of this is to say I feel your pain.

Here's to good times, old friends, long goodbyes and other sappiness. Enjoy them while they last.