Tooting My Own Horn: 'Cause You Won't Take the Time To

A little over four months ago, I had never even thought about writing a blog. As of Friday July 7th, I have written somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 posts spread out across my Personal Pages, Apathy as Activism, and the All-New Truth and Spectacle. Those pages combined have been viewed almost 3250 times. That's pretty exciting. I appreciate each and every one of you for reading, commenting and subscribing. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun writing all this stuff if nobody was out there listening and responded.

You can rest assured though that I am not about to sit on my haunches. I have a lot in the works. Dre and I have just published the first two columns in a new series outlining our favorite films in a variety of genres. Check those out here and here. The next installment is coming soon. Today I am posting my latest political commentary at AaA about the future of the penny. That's right our little copper colored friend is under fire again. Last but not least I am in the planning stages for a series of auto-biographical blogs, you will be able to read on this very page. Look for the first installment, "I Was Born, a Poor Red-Faced Boy" very, very soon.

Add all of that to my regular posts, comments and weekly movie reviews and you guys can expect to hear a lot from the Drunken Rogue in the next few days and weeks. I imagine you can expect to hear from the Drunken Rogue for a long long time as well. I have always enjoyed writing but the immediacy of publishing and response you get with these blogs is just plain addictive.

Now I have two favors to ask of you, my faithful readers. First off, if you do read the pages on a regular basis, but don't feel like commenting, please subscribe. This is an easy way for me to know WHO is digging my stuff. It will help tailor the posts to more interesting material and stray from the stuff that bores you to tears. (Ellie, I promise I'll limit the sports talk...maybe I should start a new blog?). You can subscribe to the Blogger pages by inputting your email address in the form at the top right (I promise no Spam). The MySpace blog on the other hand is even easier to subscribe to, just click "Subscribe" in the Upper Left hand Corner of the page, just under my picture. This way you guys will be alerted whenever I post something new, so you don't have spend all day clicking the refresh button, praying that I give you a little more of this literary crack (I know who you are, but don't worry, I won't tell).

The second favor is I would like suggestions. What you like or don't like about my writing, as well as other writers you check out on a regular basis. I would love to read other people's stuff, but I already read all my friends blogs, so I need more. Speaking of friends blogs, I would like to acknowledge and recommend some great (well at least humorous) writers I know. These are the folks I subscribe to. F-O-X (sports guy), Nick (Politics and life lessons), Bro. Nick (Love letters to his car, wrestling commentary, and generally funny page redesigns), and Chuckles (a Current Grad Student's point of view). I strongly recommend all these pages (don't let me down guys).

So let's review:

1. Joel has written a bunch of stuff, and lots of people have looked at it.
2. Joel's gonna write a bunch more stuff, so those same people and some others should all come look at it.
3. Joel would like to know what you think about the stuff he wrote, and what other things he should read, so you should tell him.
4. Joel has some funny friends and you should read their stuff, too. But only after you read Joel's.

Positive comments and suggested reading can be dropped off in the comments section, negative comments (still very welcome) should be messaged or emailed to Joel, 'cause you know his ego is fragile.

Thanks, and here's to another three thousand views!