A Drunken Bedtime Story

Just down the road, about two days ago, there lived a little Drunken Rogue with a big dream. Rogue wished with all his might for a kiddie pool on his patio, an adult beverage in his hand and a sunshiny Fourth of July. It may not seem like such a big dream to you, but to the little Rogue it would be the perfect way to spend our nation's birthday.

The day before the holiday Rogue got one of his wishes, a kiddie pool of his very own. He blew and blew until he was blue in the face instead of red like normal, but finally it was full of air and ready for the water. Rogue got out the hose and began filling the pool. It took a long time, and it was hot outside, so Rogue got himself a drink of the adult variety. Pretty soon the pool was full. Now everything was ready for Rogue's Fourth of July Party.

Rogue could hardly go to sleep that night, thinking about all the fun he would have on his day off. When Rogue woke up, he put on his favorite swimtrunks, and his aviator sunglasses, got his armband floaties on and grabbed a cold adult beverage from the refrigerator and then strode out to his very own Fourth of July Party.

When he got outside though, little Rogue's heart almost broke. None of his friends were waiting for him on the patio. There was no music playing. There was no sunshine, even worse IT WAS RAINING! Rogue didn't know what to do, his kiddie pool was covered, but dirty rain water was falling onto it. He couldn't uncover it, and so he couldn't swim in it either. Little Rogue was very sad.

Then Rogue remembered, he was still off today. Then he thought about playing cards since it was rainy outside. And then little Rogue remembered the best thing, the thing that cheered him up and made him realize it would still be a good Fourth of July. Rogue remembered he still had an adult beverage.

The End
Lawyer's Note: This blog is intended as are the beverages for adult consumption. Any children that are led down a path of kiddie pools, aviator sunglasses and adult beverages are not the responsibility of Drunken Rogue Enterprises Inc., Lmtd., Wtf., Omg., or Rogue International.