The Blog that Broke the Camel's Back

1600 reads! Well almost...if you combine them. My Blogger page is bordering on 600 views and the MySpace blog is topping a thousand this week, I just know it. How, because you're going to help me.

Every single one of you that reads this page does so for two reasons:
1. You know me and therefore are somewhat interested in my progression as a writer, human being, and social deviant (just kidding)

2. Because the Drunken Rogue is freaking funny! You know that at least once as you have read the tales of the Rogue you have laughed audibly. How many times does amateur (or at least not yet pro) writing do that? The man responsible for all this mirth deserves some kudos, darn it!

So here's what I want you to do. Send someone (that doesn't know me and already read the product of my genius) a link to my pages, or if you're not adept at the html, just tell somebody how to find me. Pick your favorite post and suggest it to them. Here's an example of how this exchange might go:

Stranger: Yeah, so the doctor says the redness should go away in three to five days.

Rogue's Friend: You know what would help with the healing process? Laughter. And do I have just the thing. (Writes down address for Blogger page "" or MySpace page "" You should check out this guys page. He's hilarious, I can't back it up with scientific facts, but I bet his humor would cure your...redness.

One serious and compassionate look in the eye later, and the Drunken Rogue has just found a new supporter. See how easy it is? Now I know your asking yourself, "Self, what's in this for me?" Well, you selfish little twit...I mean beloved, appreciated, respected for your individuality, reader, I'll tell you what's in it for you. With more readers The Rogue would feel more pressure to achieve more consistent humor and enlightenment, as well more frequent posting. (I'm seriously considering giving up eating, that would be like another forty or fifty minutes a day I could spend writing) Also you'd feel better about yourself, because as the Drunken Rogue's readership grows, you won't just be following the crowd, you will have been in on the ground floor of a new phenomenon. Just think how the people who knew Kevin Smith while he was clerkin' at the Quick Stop feel now. That could be you!

As I make my march to fame and fortune in my chosen field of writing, you can be the little people on whose backs I stood to grasp that first piece of notoriety. And I think that is thanks enough.

In all seriousness, I love posting on here, but it's a heck of a lot more fun when I know other people are enjoying it too. For all those of you who read often, thanks. And for those that have turned other people on to my stuff, double thanks. And for Ella who is kind enough to not beat me for spending half my day behind a keyboard, triple thanks.

Until next time, Spread the word and the word will grow!

The Original Drunken Rogue.