Zhank Heaven, For Little Girls!

For the uninitiated the title of this opus is a line from "Gigi" a Lerner-Loewe musical from the fifties. Maurice Chevalier sings the song opining on the wonderfulness (yes that's a word) of women. I strongly agree with him. You see women play a big part in my life, always have. I thought it appropriate (especially since I'm am currently without my #1 girl) to give a little tribute to the women in my life. And some of them demanded it, threatening bodily injury, and let's face it I'm a wuss!

If we are traveling through the life of Joel, we might as well do it chronologically. So here we go.

Mom: Well it all starts here doesn't it? My Mom, for those of you that know her, is just the right amount of rebellious. It's where I get it from. You'd never think of her as the "bad girl" but you would expect to have a good time hanging out with her. I don't want to give the impression that my Dad and I didn't have a good relationship. I love my Father and there are a lot of things we have in common, but I was without a doubt a Momma's boy. I played cards with her girlfriends, went to the mall with them, and even (yes it's a painful memory now) watched soap operas. Thanks Mom, you know, for the whole birthing me thing.

Nana: Mom's Mom, has always been my favorite Grandmother. I know nobody wants to say it, but we all know we have one. That doesn't mean I loved Grandma Sharpton any less, just the reality of the situation. Nana was younger, closer to where I lived, more involved when I was young. Nana, thanks for the kisses on skinned knees, all the trips to McDonald's, you and Papaw teaching me how to drive. Thanks, for all of it.

Ann: My Aunt Ann has been one of my best friends as long as I can remember and probably before that. Her house was always the one I could escape to when Mom and Dad's house got tiresome. She helped foster my love of basketball, and took me to every professional sporting event I've ever been to. When I was a teenager, she made a great sympathetic ear whenever I was fed up with Mom or Dad because, well, her parents are crazy too. Thanks, Ann for Rockets games and NBA Finals high fives, oh and thanks for 'moking and dwinking!

Ellie: My first love, the hottest three year old in a diaper and wheelbarrow you've ever seen. Seriously, she was my partner in crime for my earliest misadventures. She was younger than me, so I got my first taste of management by hanging out with her. My own little henchman. Ellie is about to be a mommy now, that's a slap in the face of how old we are. Sheesh. Congrats Ellie, and thanks for pwaying with me.

Amanda: After Ellie I sort of expected I would always have close friends that were girls, and Amanda kept the streak alive. We shared our first real apartment after moving out of the dorms and we shared a lot of beer in those first couple of years of College. Amanda also has done well for herself, finding her soulmate in Scott, she is currently in the process of moving to Vermont, so good luck with the maple syrup 'Manda. Thanks for the robbery, the Brass Lantern, Powerade, talking me through some horrible relationships.

Jena: Why (since she is my sister) does Jena come so late in chronology? Well we didn't like each other very much until I got to college and she got cool. (Yes, Jena, it was you that got cool. I already was) She was three years behind me in school, so she got to La Tech just in time for my senior year. We lived together for senior year and my second senior year (five year plan, yeah!) Thanks for helping me grow up, for letting me keep my favorite recliner, for not chasing off my girlfriend. I will never, however, thank you for Fred.

Ella: You guys have already heard the story of how I met this hottie, but any survey of the women in Joel's life would be sorely lacking without a mention of E. She's my other half, the better half really, not to be cliche. She inspires me, infuriates me, and everything in between. She's awesome and I can't wait for her to come home. Thank you E, for coffee in the morning, for movies at night, for Dwayne Wade and Lebron James, for Otis, Suzy and Otre, for great music, mostly for me. I Love you, J