Burdens? What Burdens?

Ah, respite from one's labors is indeed refreshing. So, I have been on vacation for almost a week now, and what have I done? Absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be (fifty points in the big book in the sky if you catch the film reference).

Truthfully, Ella and I spent the first two days of my break sitting on our butts. We did work on the house a little but other than that, nada. Wednesday, and Thursday were just for unwinding, and it was glorious. On Friday afternoon, my brother-in-law and I went to Bossier, soon to be joined by his significant other and my lovely lady, to prepare for a trip to Six Flags over Texas. Saturday we did the theme park thing, paying too much for parking, riding scary rides, eating overpriced food and then vomiting up that same overpriced food. Good times, good times indeed. Sunday and most of Monday were spent with my parents, grandparents and my Aunt. We played some Spades, visited and generally relaxed some more. Today all attention turns to preparing for Ella and Jena' s trip to Boston. They leave Wednesday so we got to get them packed up and ready to rock.

That leads me to the next phase of this interesting vacation. I return to work on Thursday, but for a full week, I will be bacheloring it while my hunny-bunny (she loves it when I call her that, you should try it too) is gallivanting across the country. I'm a little sad, but it means I'll have no qualms about watching the NBA Finals. Hooray! You can expect at least one post this week about being alone when you're married. Ella and I have only done it a couple of times and it's really weird.

You know it just occurred to me that I'm still on vacation and this is strangely like work. Later losers!