Lay Down Your Burdens

Vacation -- A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee.

That's what I'm about to start. Today May 30th, 2006 at approximately 6:30 P.M. central time, I started my vacation. Perhaps never in human history has a sentence been more pleasant to read. Alright so that's a little exaggeration, but seriously, this is a wonderful thing.

You might be saying to yourself, "Joel, you've already taken like a two week vacation from your blogging, what on earth could you be so busy with?", and rightfully so. I have neglected my dear readers for quite a while. This is largely because of two circumstances.

1. My despondency over the loss of Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavs in the second round of the NBA playoffs to the Detroit Pistons.

2. The fact that my job has been FREAKIN' ROUGH lately!!!!

For those that don't know (and seriously why wouldn't you? Read the previous posts, people) I'm a Dj. Now this isn't a tough job, in general. I'm not digging ditches, or performing brain surgery. I am (I know) blessed to be in a relatively low stress (mental or physical) profession. However, I work in small market radio, and anyone that does so can tell you, that comes with plenty of headaches. We "Wear a lot of hats" to paraphrase a coworker of mine. When I got hired I didn't realize he meant that we wore all those hats simultaneously.

So after growing the extra head to hold the secondary and tertiary hats, I'm a little rundown, and that is how I approach the next seven days. I'm not going to do much, if anything during my break. I'll watch some basketball (curse you Detroit!). I'll visit friends (i.e. play videogames and surf MySpace). And I'll drink fruity alcoholic beverages on my patio, while listening to Zeppelin and the Beatles (and by fruity beverages I mean domestic beer, so not really fruity). Oh, and sometime during this week, I'm going to Austin, Texas. Yeah, baby. Austin, the San Francisco of Texas. Hopefully I'll catch a few movies, and hear some great music while we're there, and spend some quality time with my lovely wife, Ella and our buddy Kyle or K-Swiss as I lovingly refer to him. (That's right I said lovingly). Now during the break I will try to post a couple of times, to let you guys know how it's going, but I'm making no promises. I will however promise a full recap after I return. Until then, denizens of cyberspace, I bid you adios, and farewell.