It's the Most Wonderful Time...For a Beer

I love Christmas. I mean, I love it. I still look forward to it like a kid. However, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Why, you ask. What makes now so wonderful? 3 things that alone, would be exciting, collide to form a sandwich of tasty goodness unrivalled in the other 11 months of the year. What are these magical events?
1. The NBA Playoffs
2. The NFL Draft
3. The beginning of May Sweeps

The NBA Playoffs were, for a large part of my life, the only sports I watched. When I was a kid


I hated baseball (still do), didn't understand football and didn't know basketball started until late April. I was a Bulls fan, and living in North Louisiana they weren't on local TV much until the playoffs. I remember year after year Dad and I sitting on the couch. Me pulling for Michael Jordan and rooting for whoever Jordan was giving a beating that year. I'm not sure whether he really disliked the Bulls or he just wanted to root against me. Either way I'm glad he did. Those are some of my fondest memories growing up.

My Aunt Ann also loved basketball. As long as the Rockets weren't in it she generally rooted with me. I can remember more than one summer night, I'd be staying with her in Baton Rouge, and as soon as the game was over we'd be on the phone with Dad to gloat, or vice versa. Good times.

This years playoffs in particular look interesting, expect a post on that later today. But first...


The NFL Draft is the official first day of the season if you ask me. Your team always has hope that this year is the year we turn it around. It also begins the Fantasy Football season. The Leagues start scoping out draft days and sizing up their picks. As much as I love the NBA, the NFL has become more exciting to me. That's why this time of year, when I get a little bit of both is so excellent.

May Sweeps don't technically start at the same time as these


other two. The playoffs start Sat. April 22nd. The draft is April 29th and 30th and most TV shows have their finales between May 15th and the 22nd. But the episodes leading up to the finales are always excellent as well. With the most exciting storylines, the best guest stars and sometimes shocking (or moving) deaths. "The West Wing"'s recent episodes concerning Leo McGarry are a perfect example. The season (and series) finale is sure to be great, but already two episodes pulling the heartstrings over the loss of John Spencer and this week's return of Rob Lowe have set the bar pretty high.

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. My Media Center is going to be quite busy this month...where did I put my beer?