Who are You? And Why the Hell do I Care what You have to Say?

That's exactly what I thought the first time I read a personal blog. There is no denying it, we have a multitude of choices to put our face (or words as it were) out in the public square. Between social sites like Facebook and MySpace, photo sites like Flicker, and blogsites like this wonderful space your eyes are resting on, Joe Q Public can let his (or her) feelings be known almost instantaneously on just about any subject.

"So Why Do We Need Another One?"

Admirable question. Because you haven't heard from me yet. I know a forward-thinking techno-savvy guy like myself should have long since been on the blog bandwagon, but alas, this is my first foray. So allow me a few stumbles and stick with me because I think I have some interesting things to say, and the comments section is a great place for you to opine as well. (It's like a blog but without all the hard work.)

"So Who the Hell are You Again?"

So glad you asked. I am Joel a Dj (like on the radio not spinning the jams at a rave) from northern Louisiana. I like to write (hence the blog), watch great tv and movies, and cuddle with my wife Ella (more on her later I can guarantee it). I studied Political Science and Theatre in College so I have a pretty broad base of interests and experience to draw from. One of the main purposes of this blog is to give myself a deadline on a regular basis, to keep me busy as a writer.

"So what are you gonna talk about?"

Movies, tv shows I love, Political and Current Event topics, Football or whatever comes up. If there is something going on that you guys would like to hear from me about then throw a comment or email my way. Let me know what YOU want to hear (or Read I guess).