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Jared Easley, Co-Founder of Podcast Movement, host of Starve the Doubts

I have met a number of people that claim to be podcast coaches. However, I haven't met many folks that have a gift of taking what can be complicated technical steps and explaining them in a way that make the process understandable and enjoyable. Joel not only has this gift, but he has also proven himself to be someone that it is reliable and trustworthy. I don't have any reservations encouraging new podcasters to seek assistance from Joel because I know that he will not mislead or over charge, etc. Bottom line - I strongly recommend learning with Joel.


Randy Wilburn, Zweig Group

Joel Sharpton is the consummate professional that always delivers. He keeps me on point with my schedule & he's always giving great feedback to help us improve the sound & technical quality of our show. You can't go wrong with Joel, he will make you sound great!


Mark Balogna, Beyond Bourbon Street

I LOVE the intro & outro Joel created for my show! He took the idea I had, added his own & energy and made it something fun & engaging.

Joel Kelly, 

Joel was fast, extremely professional & I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Ryan ayres, focus 53

I believe in surrounding myself with A-Players and I'm really honored to be working with Joel. I truly value the speed, professionalism and quality Joel creates!



We'd love for you to check out any of our client shows for examples of our editing work. But if you're looking for Voice demos from Joel Sharpton, you've come to the right place. Whether you've got explainer videos, podcast or radio intro/outros, audiobooks or more, Joel's voice is ready to go to work for you.


Beyond Bourbon


Trivial Warfare

Real Estate 101

The Womanizer by Warren Adler

Credit Intelligence: Boosting Your Credit Smarts by Polly A. Bauer,  and Mava K. Heffler

Podcasts. What we do. What we love. Who we are.

In May of 2012, Josh and Joel started their first podcast together. 100 plus episodes later, their preamble (discussions of the shows they'd discovered during the week) had outgrown their original podcast and become Always Listening.

Now bringing the expertise gained from 5 years in podcasting and almost 15 in radio, Pro Podcasting Services is ready to help you. Check out the services we offer and contact us today about how we can help you and your podcast.

Check out some of our personal shows below.


Josh and Joel get together for weekly podcast reviews and discussion about the business and art of podcasting. What makes great shows great and why some don't stay that way? We read listener feedback and more. Submit your favorite podcast for review and hear what the guys think.

It's all about helping you find your next favorite podcast and shining a little spotlight on all the great work that's out there.



Joel has been an Anne Rice fan since he was twelve years old and read The Tale of the Body Thief's prologue for the first time. Ashley fell in love with Lestat when she was knee-high to a grasshopper (though she's only waist-high on the grasshopper now) and has followed the Brat Prince's adventures ever since.

In this unofficial podcast, they cover Anne Rice's Vampire Lestat and The Vampire Chronicles including the forthcoming TV series!




Joel lets you into his life, hobbies, eccentricities and more in this personal podcast produced as often as possible. With guest appearances from his wife, children, extended family and friends, this show may not make you understand Joel, but you'll darn sure know him better.