Episode 6: Modern American Love Story Part 2 with Kelly and Joel Sharpton

And now for something completely different. 


We're taking a break from our regular episodes to dip into Joel's personal archives and pull an episode from his first podcast, Two Guys, One Podcast. His (now) wife, Kelly, appeared on four total episodes, three of which detailed and dicsussed their relationship. In case you've missed the first episode, highlighting how they met, all the way to the wedding day (including a recitation of the vows, seriously, it's pretty awesome), then check out Modern American Love Story Part 1 right here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/makesmeweird/2015/06/25/mag019-og1--modern-american-love-story-wkelly-sharpton

In this episode, you'll hear Joel and Kelly's parents react to the news of Kelly's pregnancy, our sons react to getting a baby sister or brother, and us discuss how we found out and potential nicknames for the little tyke. In Part 3, coming soon, you'll hear us react to the fact that there ended up being TWO babies, not one. But all in due time.

Enjoy this frank (and occasionally explicit) conversation and come back next week for another chat about our guest's passion for their industry, artform or hobby.
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There's more to the story, a third episode already exists, and I'll share it with you here soon. Kelly and I are getting ready to record a fourth part in the coming months.

Whether you know our story, or this is all the first time through, I think you'll find Kelly to be endearing and entertaining and our story, well, a modern American Love Story.