3711 - The Happiest Day of My Life


Do You Know the happiest you’ve ever been? Can you think of the moment? If you can’t narrow it down, I bet you have a Top 5 or 10 that you could get to pretty easily.

I have a client, who interviewed a woman who sat down to write a list of the happiest moments of her life, and she stopped writing when she got to 102. I don’t know if I could get that high on my list, yet anyway. But, I am confident of the happiest moment of my life. I am absolutely aware of where I was, and if you give me long enough, I could likely still name everyone that was there with me.

It’s today, as I release this story, just 6 years ago. The day I married my wife and the love of my life, Kelly Anne Johansen. She wore a dress that I’d helped her pick out, and a simple veil tied into her beautiful curly hair. We were married in the backyard of the home we lived in at the time, under a gazebo wrapped in flowing white cloth with an antique chandelier hanging and the ceremony was officiated by one of my best friends and our eventual daughter’s godfather.

Our friends sang and played us in, then played as we danced to celebrate after “I do”.

We laughed and joked with friends until the early morning hours and then just stepped inside to enjoy our home together for the first time as husband and wife.

I am so thankful that Kelly IS my wife. Life is hard for anyone, even when you’ve been handed a million opportunities and advantages as I have been. The road is long, it always seems to be walked alone, even when you’re in a crowd and simple daily expenditures can often wipe your emotional banks clean. I have found a reservoir that lives here in my house. She fills me up, and fills my sails and pushes me to try it all again tomorrow without the heavy heart that I am so prone to. She’s brought me closer to my children, closer to my God, and closer to the truth of who I am in this world, and what my purpose is in it.

She’s the reason I ever started a single podcast, which is now my livelihood and my public identity in so many ways as well as the way that you’re taking in this very story now. So, let’s all just nod and say, ‘Thanks, Kelly!’ (whether that be in earnest or sarcasm for you individually).

The first time I ever met her, she was breathtaking. She stole my heart immediately, so it wasn’t very surprising that I stole her away from her current boyfriend. I didn’t know when I met her that this would be my story, that she was my future, but I knew she was for me. Kelly was a burning light in the middle of a fog that filled my life at the time. I could not help but hover around it, ever nearer to it, though I was terrified that it would burn me in the end.

It didn’t though. It just set me on fire too. Kelly restarted my flame in a way that I didn’t even know I needed. Everything I have created since I met her (including our daughters) is directly a response to her, and the light she shone on my life. She is my love, my Beautiful, my Honeybun and my wife, but I don’t believe I tell anyone enough, including her, that she is also my Muse.

When people tell you that I walk to the beat of my own drum, it is absolutely true. But the rhythm is all Kelly.

Thank you, Beautiful, for six years of marriage, almost eight years of love, and a lifetime of music to share with The World. I’ll keep at it, you just keep on lovin’ me, Babe. Happy Anniversary, from me and all these weirdos listening. For now, that’s our story, or part of it anyway. Thanks for listening.