Trivial Warfare - August 2019 Client Highlight


Pro Podcasting Services would like to spotlight Jonathan Oakes and his team at Trivial Warfare for the month of August.

Trivial Warfare was inducted into the Trivia Hall of Fame in Las Vegas earlier this month! The Trivial Warfare crew (Jonathan Oakes, Carmela Smith, Benjamin Young, and Chris Hollister) were honored alongside other inductees: Regis Philbin, Anne Hegerty, and Kevin Ashman. Congratulations to a hard working, smart, very funny, and dedicated group at Trivial Warfare for such a successful and growing show with positive recognition in the podcasting and trivia worlds!

Jonathan also competed in Trivia Nationals while in Las Vegas. Jonathan and the team he competed with took home gold medals in the Music Quiz! Jonathan also made it to the semi-finals in the individual 5x5 game. Way to go!

Jonathan alongside Katie Sekelsky (Owner/Trivia Writer at The Inkling), have put together an Everyday Q&A 2020 Trivia Calendar! It has been FULLY FUNDED on kickstarter and preorders are live and available at Preorder yours now!

Next Thursday, August 29th, Jonathan, Carmela, and Benjamin will be on stage at Dragon Con alongside Clint and Travis McElroy from MBMBaM for a live recording of Trivial Warfare!!! This is so exciting and we are very pumped to listen. Make sure to subscribe to Trivial Warfare anywhere you find podcasts and at to have this and other episodes as soon as they are available.

Congratulations to everything you have accomplished and all the good things to come! We are so proud to call you not only a client but also a friend.

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