Why You Shouldn't Hire an Editor for Your Podcast (Yet)

I spend a lot of time in Podcasting Facebook groups, and occasionally the topic will come up of whether or not to hire an editor. And if so, how much you should pay for it.

I'll leave the second question for another day, but I do have some thoughts on why hiring an editor might NOT be right for you.

  1. If cost is your foremost consideration. - If your podcast is a purely hobby enterprise at this point, coming out of your free time and funds. And if you're cutting corners already on media hosting, stats packages, or your website itself, then hiring an editor is likely going to cause you more grief than it saves you. You're better off researching software solutions you could buy or subscribe to that would give you some final audio polish automagically without actually employing a human producer.
  2. If your "unfair advantage" is your production skills. - If you are (or aspire to be) the next Roman Mars, then an editor isn't what you need to hire. You're much better off hiring a personal assistant, or as (Aaron Mahnke did not too long ago) a research assistant. Spend the money there, or upgrade your gear for recording and mixing.
  3. If it's all just for fun. - Unless you've got loads of expendable cash, if your podcast is anything other than a short or long term part of your business plans, then you probably shouldn't hire an editor. If you podcast about your favorite video game (but work in the legal field), if you and your best friend riff on the days events (but neither one of you have media aspirations), if want to discuss the history of quilting (but you don't have a quilting business, or have any plans for one) then you're better off learning how to better capture your audio and perform it clearly and coherently the first time so that there's no editing needed.

In each of these cases, a company like mine won't do you much good (or at least will cost you more than we likely earn you).


  • If your podcast is part of the strategy you use to promote and grow your own business.
  • If you are an artist, executive or expert whose message is valuable, but so is your time
  • If you don't have a background in or the time to learn the basics of audio production
  • If you want to have a "podcast guy" just like you have a lawyer, a general MD, a dentist and an insurance agent.

    Then maybe you'd like to set up a call with us at ProPodcastingServices. Our, dive in and educate yourself on workflows and processes that can save you time (and money) at Pro Podcasting School.