Pro Pod Tip: Capturing Family Memories in Audio

This past week I found myself with family and friends celebrating the life of my Aunt Mable. She was 89 and had been suffering for a few years now. We all miss her and will for the rest of our lives, but this was an opportunity to honor her and share time with loved ones we too rarely get to see. It also offered me the opportunity to capture audio from those family members about my aunt and our family history in general.

No need to break the mood or disturb the peace with lots of recording gear. Download an app to your smartphone like the Auphonic Recorder for Androidor the Ferrite Recorder and editor for iPhone. Your smartphone's mic is better than you might imagine. Just find a small room or hallway away from the main gathering and set the phone between the two of you. It's not ideal, and NPR might wish for a little bit better, but for family movies, memorial podcast episodes or just personal memories, your phone will work wonders. With those recording apps, you can even edit and upload to services like Dropbox or Google Drive.