We are Always Listening

The world of podcasts is exploding, but for every great show it seems there are a dozen terrible ones. How do you find the diamond's amongst the weeds? Let Joel and Josh do the research for you. Highlighting great shows from all genres, discussing the parts of those shows that other producers can replicate and even occasionally bringing in a creator to talk about how they do, what they do. We are Always Listening, and I bet if you made it this far, so are you.


Josh and Joel Love Podcasts

After 100 plus episodes of a silly comedy show, Josh and Joel started "Pod on Pod" to discuss the podcasts they loved, hated and why they cared either way. After evolution, semi-retirement, business launches and more, Always Listening continues to highlight inspired creators and outstanding shows across podcasting.

Find Your Favorite Show

Or become a better podcaster yourself by learning from some of the best shows across all genres in this exciting "new" medium. Whatever your motivation for checking out every show under the sun, Always Listening is here for you.