Always Watching Gamertag Radio: a Podcast Story with Joel AND Josh


Josh is back in the studio for this one, as the boys discuss Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story, a new documentary available on Twitch and YouTube about the podcast, Gamertag Radio. The podcast is celebrating 13 years of production from Danny, Pete and Parris.

Find the show at and watch the new documentary right here:

Always Listening to Create Something Awesome Today by Roberto Blake


Season Three starts with something different. Joel is on his own talking about community connections and the weird places you end up learning something new from.

Roberto Blake is the host of the Create Something Awesome Today Podcast, helping podcasters, bloggers and video creators up their game, while inspiring career professionals to create awesome in their own jobs.

Find everything from Roberto at

Also, hear what’s next for Always Listening.

Always Listening to The Dollop (featuring Matt McKenney)

File_000 (1).jpeg

Matt McKenney is the guest host for this episode of Always Listening as we cover The Dollop from Gareth Reynolds and Dave Anthony. Find out more about the show (as well as Dave and Gareth) at
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Always Listening to The Blood Drawn Chronicles (Patreon Review Special)

Josh is back in the studio with Joel to record this special Patreon-requested review of The Blood Drawn Chronicles. The boys cover this narrative audio drama podcast with a spoiler-free discussion before breaking a few parts of the first season's narrative down in a spoiler-light discussion (clearly noted in audio so as to not spoil you!) Find more about the show at

Always Listening to Timesuck with Dan Cummins (featuring Guest Host Jay Soderbergh aka Pod Vader)


Jay Soderbergh, aka Pod Vader, joins Joel to discuss and review Timesuck with Dan Cummins. You can find the show and more about Dan at

Pod Vader is the award-winning producer behind the beginnings of ESPN's Podcenter and is currently the Head of Content for Blog Talk Radio. He's also the host of The Next Fan Up Podcast featuring super-fans from every NFL team.

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Always Listening 3rd Annual Christmas Special

'Tis the Season, for Josh and Joel to outsource their podcast. Every year we invite some other podcaster friends to share a podcast or episode they'd "give" to someone this holiday season. This year we're joined by Jennifer Briney from Congressional Dish, Aaron Mahnke from Lore and Jonathan, Carmela and Chris from Trivial Warfare. With a special appearance by the gang from Podcaster's Group Therapy. Podcasts mentioned in this episode: Congressional Dish - Jennifer Briney - Ronna and Beverly

Lore - Aaron Mahnke - Love and Radio “The Living Room”

Trivial Warfare

Carmela - Hadron Gospel Hour -

Wooden Overcoats -


Chris - The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast -

The West Wing Weekly -


Jonathan - No Such Thing as a Fish -


Joel - Robot or Not -

Josh - Podcaster’s Group Therapy -

Always Listening to Another Round

Josh and Joel are BACK! And in this episode they meet Heben and Tracy from Another Round, Buzzfeed's first podcast. These girls made a splash a couple of years ago and have only gotten bigger and better since then. Hear Joel tell you why this is one of his favorite podcasts.

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Always Listening to Gimlet Media vs. Mystery Show and Starlee Kine

Josh and Joel come to terms (and almost to blows) over the split between Starlee Kine and Gimlet media in this episode.

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Always Listening to The Church of What's Happening Now

Josh introduces Joel to Joey Coco Diaz in this episode of Always Listening. Joey hosts The Church of What's Happening Now, and it AND this episode are both a little explicit. Joey spins his homegrown wisdom for the boys and captures all our hearts.

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Always Listening to Alice Isn't Dead (Patreon Review Special)

Josh and Joel discuss Alice Isn't Dead from the creators of Welcome to Nightvale. A fictional narrative podcast, Alice Isn't Dead isn't for everyone, and after this episode you'll know whether it was for Josh and Joel.

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Always Listening to Imaginary Worlds

Josh and Joel meet Eric Molinsky (who Joel actually met at Podcast Movement 2016) and his show, Imaginary Worlds, where he discusses the worlds we create and how we create them. You can find the show at

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Always Listening to iPhone Podcast Apps

Joel flies solo in this episode to discuss the recent release of Castro 2 from Supertop and the latest update to Overcast from Marco Arment.

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Always Listening to Your Mom's House *EXPLICIT REVIEW*

Josh leads this discussion of Your Mom's House from comedians Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. It's an EXPLICIT Show and we decided to leave out the bleeps this week, so listen (or don't) accordingly.

Find all about the show at

Podcast suggestions from Henry Wall:

Communion Sanctorum - a podcast on the history of the Christian Church 

Criminal - a podcast on crime 

Louder with Crowder - this is one of my favorites. A comedy / political podcast 

News AF - a comedy podcast that talks about strange news stories on the web 

Someone Knows Something - a serialized crime podcast 

The Ben Shapiro Show - a daily podcast on politics

Always Listening to The Language of Bromance


Joel leads this episode to tell Josh and the rest of you about Richard and Shawn the "bros" behind the Language of Bromance.

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Podcasts mentioned in the "Podcast Suggestion Roundup" at end of episode:

Thinking Sideways
The Beef and Dairy Network
Another Round
Still Buffering
Man Afraid of Everything
My Dad Wrote a Porno
Politically Reactive
The Sewers of Paris with Matt Baume
Mr. Robot, Oh!
Keepin' it 1600
Off Camera with Sam Jones
More Perfect


Always Listening to Being Honest with My Ex (Patreon Review Special)

Josh and Joel meet Peter and Honor and everyone is pretty frank with each other. Peter and Honor host Being Honest with My Ex, our first Patreon-requested review.

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Join us for the next episode, when we review The Language of Bromance!

Always Listening to Mysterious Universe

Josh and Joel take a dive into the great beyond this week with Mysterious Universe. Will Josh find redemption amongst the New Age set after his dislike for The Astral Projection podcast?

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Always Listening to Caustic Soda

It's a dirty podcast, but somebody's gotta review it. Josh and Joel get into the nitty-gritty with Caustic Soda. Josh has found his new favorite show, but no sooner have we found it than lost it!

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Always Listening to Presidential

Josh and Joel are FINALLY BACK! With a slightly new format and a new review. This episode, we cover Presidential, from Lillian Cunningham and the Washington Post. Each week, Lillian covers a single US President, starting with Washington and ending with our next President after the election in November. Perfect episode for the 4th of July holiday. Find more about the show at their website.

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