Always Listening Second Annual Christmas Special

Josh & Joel gather fellow podcasters around the Yule Log & get great podcast "gift" recommendations.

Ramona Rice The Sports Gal Pal - suggests:
Cooper and Rupert -
Only Funny to Us -

Corey and Tawny Fineran Podcaster's Group Therapy - suggest:

Pod on Pod on The Astral Projection Podcast -
Strangers -
The Phil Hendrie Show -
The Longest Shortest Time -

Jonathan and Chris Trivial Warfare - suggest:

iFanboy -
Hardcore History -
Good Job Brain -
The Memory Palace -

Chel Hamilton The Meditation Minis Podcast - suggests:
Council on Foreign Relations The World Next Week -
Welcome to Nightvale -

Joel and Josh add:
The Adventure Zone -
Lore -

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