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Always Listening to Jay “Pod Vader” Soderberg


Joel’s podcasting hero, Jay Pod Vader Soderberg, joins the podcast to talk about his career in media, radio, podcating and life in and out of companies like ESPN, Blog Talk Radio, Spreaker and more.

'Podcasts don't have a "middle" ... radio is nothing but "middle."'


Pod Vader was the backbone of ESPN’s launch into podcasting producing dozens of shows at once and featuring in many of them on-air as well as behind the scenes. At the top of his field and working for the biggest player in the space, he leapt out to help independent producers with Blog Talk Radio (now Voxnest) helping small shows, big shows and everything in between make money right away using dynamic advertising.

Starting the next phase of his career, we look over all of his jobs and experiences while speculating about what’s next in the podcast space. To hear from Jay regularly, find The Next FanUp podcast or follow him on Twitter at @TheRealPodVader

Join us for a great conversation about radio, podcasting, the audio industry and more.

Picking up Hope at the Airport - My Podcast Movement 2018 Story


Joel Sharpton, Chief Editing Officer for Pro Podcasting Services details his trip to and from Podcast Movement 2018 with the “point” coming in at around 15:00, so feel free to jump to the mushy part. We’re all more alike than we are different and travel has shown that to this country boy. Thankful and mis-quoting Mark Twain, Joel “rambles on” to the point about Podcast Movement, airport hours and antiseptic eventually. Stick with this kid, he’s going places.

If you’d like to get a taste of the Podcast Movement experience (or if you missed out on sessions while there) grab the Virtual Ticket and get ALL the sessions including mine:

Always Listening to Grammar Girl

Josh and Joel try to get their words right when they review The Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips For Writing Better. The guys also pay off their bet when Joel writes a love poem for Rob Cesternino of Rob Has a Podcast. For full details, check out our episode where we reviewed RHAP back when we were called Pod on Pod.

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